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Grandstream distributor Saudi Arabia | Dahua national distributor Saudi Arabia

Hassoun Group, founded in 2005 and headquartered in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is a distinguished telecommunications and security company with a global footprint. As a premier distributor, system integrator, and marketing representative worldwide, Hassoun has earned its position as a key player in the international industry. Specialising in CCTV solutions, telephone systems, time attendance and access control systems, and smart home solutions, the company has successfully expanded its influence beyond the GCC region, reaching markets in India, China, and across the globe. Boasting a workforce of over 100 professionals, Hassoun is committed to addressing intricate technology challenges for a diverse clientele.

Hassoun has carried a number of prestigious projects. Additionally, we also have a prestigious client list that includes Government, Police, Military, Commercial and industrial clients.

Operations and Expertise

Hassoun conducts its operations across three key domains: Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Project and O&M. The company produces a range of security products under the brand name HIVISION through its subsidiary, Hassoun Manufactures (India) Pvt. Ltd. Supported by a robust R&D team, Hassoun continually explores innovative products through collaborations with leading security manufacturers. As authorised distributors for prestigious brands such as Dahua, Commax, Fermax, NEC, Panasonic, Zkteco, and Grandstream, Hassoun prioritises product quality, rigorous QC procedures, customer support, warranty, and RMA. Through our operation industry has divided as follows-


Electronic Security Services

Hassoun excels in designing, installing, commissioning, and managing security surveillance products, telecommunication products, time and attendance systems, door locks, access control, intercom systems, and smart home solutions in the electronic security realm. The company tailors its services to individual needs, catering to a diverse global clientele spanning defence, residential, commercial, banks, and government organisations. Hassoun's client roster includes prestigious entities such as government agencies, police, military, commercial enterprises, and industrial clients.

In Electronic Security, Hassoun concentrates on providing state-of-the-art services for Design, Installation, Commissioning and Life Cycle Management of the following systems:

  • Security Surveillance Products
  • Telecommunication Products (PABX, Telephone)
  • Time & Attendance, Door Lock and Access control
  • Intercom system and smart home solution

Manufacturing Unit


The factory located in south India with the size of 10000 Sq.Feet, currently 50 Employees work in the factory with various technical and marketing section. The company has made set up to export own products to all GCC countries under the brand name of HIVISION.

Hassoun's manufacturing unit in Saudi spans 10,000 square feet with 50 employees. Operating under the HIVISION brand, the unit exports products to countries worldwide, contributing significantly to the company's global expansion and growth.


Supply Chain and Global Presence

Hassoun's supply chain unit ensures the efficient distribution of materials through outlets and channel partners worldwide. Hassoun strengthens its global presence and commitment to customer support with branches in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the UAE, including showrooms, distribution offices, central warehouses, and RMA divisions. The strategically located outlets in various cities exemplify the company's dedication to accessibility and service excellence.

We are supplying materials through our own outlets and channel partners all over the Middle East. Following are the Hassoun branch details

  • HASSOUN GULF SECURITY SURVEILLANCE EST - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 7 exclusive showrooms, Channel Distribution Offices, Central Warehouses and RMA divisions located in JEDDHA, RIYADH, ALKHOBAR, MAKHA, and MADEENA.
  • HASSOUNG GULF ELECTRONICS EST - Kingdom of Bahrain 2 Exclusive outlet, Channel Distribution Office, Central Warehouse and RMA division located in various places in Kingdom of Bahrain
  • HASSOUN COMMUNICATION L.L.C - UAE 5 Exclusive outlets, Channel Distribution Office, Central Warehouse and RMA division located in Deira-Dubai, Bur Dubai, Ajman, Ras al Khaimah and Abu Dhabi.


Hassoun Group offers their client the choice between supervising installation or providing the actual installation on site. We employ a professional installation team available to tackle the most demanding and technically challenging job in CCTV, PABX and other all Security surveillance system. We have experience and qualified technical team lead by technological graduate people. Currently we have a capacity to fulfill the major project related to the same industry and they focusing on it.

Hassoun offers after sales service so flexible ranging from Operation Contracts, Periodic Preventive Maintenance Contracts and/or on demand visits.

Currently we are the certified contractor for University of Tabuk in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for their entire IT related things including security surveillance. We have a specialized 20 number of work force only to monitor this single project with fully dedicated to deliver quality service