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25 Feb 2022

Ensure road safety to enjoy your journey!

When you lose your house key, you buy a new one, don’t you? Similarly, the number plate technique was invented as a result of someone wondering how to recover a lost vehicle. The number plate also helps individuals to identify their vehicles from other vehicles that look alike. The number plate reader, invented with the benefit of artificial intelligence, is there to help. ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) is one of the best of them all. In today’s hectic modern world, it’s a system that can read vehicle number plates accurately without human intervention. With such a facility, everyone does not have to worry about the safety of the vehicle during rush hour. It is a technology that reads vehicle registration plates using optical character recognition on images. Many manufacturers are available today to develop ANPR services using camera-side integration. The main idea behind it is to increase efficiency and ensure security. And it’s cost-effective to reach out to everyone. Compared to traditional server-side analysis, the camera-side ANPR offers a reasonably low cost. Software running on cameras or servers is also an advantage. What makes it different from other similar products is that it automatically captures live license plates. The quality of those images will also be excellent. ANPR claims some other services based on large image data and in-depth study models. With multilingual recognition, its application can recognize many languages such as English, Thai, Chinese, Cyrillic, Arabic, etc. Its recognition rate is also very high, with 95% - 98% alphanumeric number plates. It stands forefront as that the entire reading process can be completed in just 100 milliseconds. Companies are putting forward other purposes, allaying the concerns of some that it only serves to prevent vehicle theft and that the money paid for it will be lost. See what are the other uses provided by ANPR.

It can be used for:
•  Weighbridges
•  Retail Park Security
•  Traffic management
•  Car Park Management
•  Journey Time Analysis
•  Intelligent Transport Systems

Some institutions in each country can fix this system:
•  Government Office Buildings
•  Petrol Pumps
•  Refineries
•  Logistics
•  Toll Gates
•  Airports
•  Shopping Malls
•  Hospitals
•  Motor-Highways
•  IT Parks
•  Hotels, etc.

These are all things that each person depends on in their daily life. ANRP assumes the role of a deterrent to stop criminal behavior in advance by recording and checking the number plate of vehicles. This is a real help to the police as well. Its role is not trivial in helping them to browse the collected data and save time and acquire better results by quickly inspecting vehicles and suspicious vehicles involved in crime. ANPR is the best choice for road users to make their journey comfortable considering the safety of the vehicle and their safety. In addition, it provides assistance to prevent people to bow their heads before the law. Get to know ANPR that works effectively without any additional transponder requirements and be satisfied with its services. Hassoun Groups acts as an important dealer to bring this to you, and if you read this merits and understand how useful it is and think you should own it, just touch this link with one fingertip.


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