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31 Mar 2022

Gain to make your communication easy

1876 was a year of great progress in the field of communication. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone facility and replaced the telegraph-like means of communication used until then. A telephone system is a communication system that connects people at a distance by transmitting sounds. It developed not only personal relationships but also business communication. There are various types of telephone systems. The description below will give you a clearer picture of it and show you how useful it is for each person.

Pay attention to each of its kinds.

Digital telephone system : The digital telephone system is an aid that helps to make the business more active with features like multiple extensions and direct lines. It’s most important in the business world because it’s changing the complex communication method and making the process easier with a unified voice, email messaging, fax, keypad-entry, and voice messaging. The voice response is perfectly interactive and understandable. Most systems can play music. Voicemail recording and managing are available on all digital telephone systems. Standard digital telephone systems can connect a certain number of phones. The more advanced digital telephone system notifies users of missed calls and voice messages via email notification. In some telephone systems, web management centers provide a way to review calls, listen to voice messages, to save and delete messages. Some of them have call center capabilities. Systems with VoIP services reduce long-distance call charges. Digital communication systems are a great guide for employees working from different distances to easily manage everything and enhance the sales-customer relationship.

Analog telephone systems : Another name for this is Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS). It is equipped with traditional landlines installed by the local phone company. If it is used for business purposes, then it needs additional telecom hardware. It transmits sound by passing electrical pulses on a wire. And these wires are connected to the phone service provider. Bad weather, installation, and costly long-distance charges can sometimes cause discomfort.

Cordless telephone systems : It is now customary to install telephone jacks in all rooms of modern buildings and homes. This leads to placing a single telephone that is possible in all rooms as needed. Cordless telephone is friendlier than others. It includes two units as a base unit and a portable unit or handset. The base unit has a wire connection along the standard telephone line. Its power flows from AC mains. It also allows you a place to charge and the handset unit. The cordless telephone operates at two frequencies to enable full-duplex communication- one to transmit and the other to receive.

IP telephone system : IP telephone system is a type of telephone system used to send and receive voice data with the help of an internet connection. What sets it apart is that landlines are used here to transmit analog signals. A router and modem connect IP phones to the internet.

Analog PABX : Enables call forwarding. The user can change the extension number in 1 to 4 digits when required. All extensions can be used for public telephone book facilities as part of memory dialing. It also provides assistance to save 48 group numbers.

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