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22 Nov 2021

Goodbye to Tensions and Gain Smart Security

 Today, at a time when technology is on the rise, home security is an issue that bothers us all. What’s right? Of course! Let’s try to find a solution with the same technology. Let’s start with the locks that act as security shields everywhere. Don’t worry about security when it comes to the smart level too.

 It is a convenient device for us in a very easy way. Whether it is cost-effective, usable, or manageable, it is in a way that is favorable to us. It can be installed even on existing doors. We can use it in many ways as we feel comfortable.

 One of them is Keypad and Combination Smart Lock. This is a system that only those who know about each institution or house and are associated with it can only open. Here is an understanding of what it is like. Smart locks with keypads have fixed passwords to change the lock of the doors. Everyone can set their password if they want. When we click on that password, it needs our physical touch. For that, a touch screen or physical button is essential to push the door open. The door thickness is 35-45 mm which is customizable. It can connect about fifty people with their passwords. Four to eight digits can be used for this. Its battery lasts for twelve months at ten units a day. Its power is 4 AA. When using it, it eliminates the need to hide from children while out or about. Only those who are highly involved with those institutions can secure it for their convenience. When that happens no one gets a chance to cheat. Each one can place a password through apps. Later, in any case, when a person does not need access, he can cancel it. With some, institutions can be opened and closed remotely or closely. Now maybe it’s also helpful to have your kids leave the house without closing or forgetting the door, or letting inside the unexpected visitors without worrying them until you return. It’s easier for people with disabilities to use such gadgets than a normal key.

 Fingerprint smart locks are one of the highlights later. It works in a different method. In this, it scans our fingerprints and transforms them into numerical templates. All we need to do is share this template with our full consent to let any of our relatives in, when we are not at home. No one can cheat on our fingerprints and forget numbers. It has a high-temperature coating and can hold up to fifty fingerprints. Fifty group passwords can be set with the garbled code function. It also has a capacity of 50 cards. It works with a low voltage alarm of <4.5 V. The power supply voltage is 4.5-6.0 V. Its motor type is a small motor with 5V. It can be opened left or right. It can also be arranged on the doorbell. Another great feature of this is that it also supports voice prompt function. The alarm is active when it’s unlocked or of low battery. It can be unlocked via methods such as fingerprint, password, temporary password, magnetic card USP emergency key. This is advantageous in home, school, apartment, villa, office, etc. Its accompanying 16×2 LCD allows the owner to see and evaluate its performance directly. Keypad instructions permit you to open and close the door and to change the password. It only works if you insert the input as the correct password set by its user. The password changing option is very good because it can only be run by an authorized person without showing false in it. It is more secure.

  Then more security can be ensured with thermal cameras. This will help to secure the home and especially health in this current state. Let’s first examine it. Utilizing dual light fusion technology, it integrates AI face detection with IR thermal image to accurately detect the forehead area of people for temperature measurements. With the help of this technology, accurate measurement of temperature along with facial images is provided as a solution for better use of experimentation while eliminating environmental interference. Dahua’s A21CF02 2MP Bullet Camera is attached to get images that are superior in vast coverage. Its 2 MP HDCVI series holds the existing coax infrastructures to easily transmit images over the forensic level in long distances too. It can also capture videos from a wide field of view with advanced CMOS sensors and next-generation ISP chip technology. This ISP technology enables detailed surveillance operations. Developed for extreme temperature environments, it can also be used to determine body temperature. This feature is very useful in today’s COVID 19 era. It covers the vast area and makes the surroundings of the house also safer.

With such items, home and health can be protected. These products are good for everyone to get satisfaction without having to worry about home or office while going somewhere.

Contact us if you feel confident that your organization will be safe with its use.

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