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28 Oct 2021

Helping hand From ZKTeco to clear up attendance cumbers and time management

Aren’t we all often worried about attendance? Of course it happens. That’s a very natural thing. When it comes to school and college, we can solve the problem by telling the teachers. Isn’t it right? We often get stuck in the workplaces in such situations, don’t we? Sometimes there are small errors in our marked attendance. It also affects the salary we get. Don’t get agonize on it anymore. It seems that it’s not so difficult to find a solution to this in an age where many advances are in progress. There is no need of tensions especially in this current era of great success in Artificial Intelligence technology. ZKTeco INOI Ultra Thin Fingerprint Time Attendance and Access Control Terminal is a remedy developed under the influence of AI to address all concerns about delays or attendance problems. Below is an overview of that panacea.
This allows us to record our attendance based on our biometric techniques in a way that nothing can be written or edited. It is designed to register 3000 fingerprint templates in approximately 10,000 transaction records. Commonly used identity documents such as ID card and fingerprint are used in the first step. The use of a proximity sensor to detect nearby objects without any physical contact is also effective here. When we utilize all this, there is no falsehood in our participation, because we present our own biological reports. We can download our files via USB and save them as a soft copy for future reference. Here we can take advantage of the Intellectual Property connection and the Transmission Control Protocol that organize data in any way to ensure secure transmissions between server and client. It is battery is also different from others. It has a back-up battery that lasts for three to four hours without any problems. It can be set up not only inside a room but also as a door access control.
Take a look at how to enable INOI registration to do this. The software applications for that are drafted on the device itself.
First go to its Menu option and login as User and confirm OK. If you are not a previous user, log in as a New User and type the User ID. Now implements the use of our Bioscrypts. For that we have to scan our fingerprints three times and make sure it is us. Then the fingerprint is automatically registered. Next we need to register Proximity. Its card should also be scanned to register proximity as is usually done everywhere. As before, proximity is registered spontaneously here as well. Once all this is done, the registration of INOI is done. Later with this created profile system we can label our attendance in a straightforward manner and can avoid its stress.


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