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28 Feb 2022

Let surveillance and home inspection be smart!

Safety, security, and lack of time are the thoughts that haunt us on the one hand. It’s a blessing to be living in a safe home in a loving atmosphere. Not everyone can stay indoors 24×7. If you have children, you can take them with you wherever you go. But is it possible to take the whole house by the hand and take it everywhere? It’s impossible. If so what can be done! Don’t be afraid, Video Door Telephony comes to you with the solution. Undoubtedly, the growth of technology is behind this. Instead of traditionally hiring a watchdog or security guard, over time, they replaced it with a video door phone. Another factor is that the cost is low.

The immediate attraction to this facility for everyone is that when a guest unexpectedly enters the door-side, the occupants of the house can know and handle their needs without having to be physically present and thus have to use time wisely. It is a tension-relief to be able to monitor the house from any distance when no one is at home. In those cases, you can also observe the purpose of the visitor entering the home. So that you can enjoy your holidays in its full mood is a bonus that video door phones allow you. The basis of all this is the mobile phone that is always in everyone’s hands like the soul. The combined function of the security system, motion sensors, and viewing apps all help to keep your home within easy reach of your phone.

You do not have to be far away, you can control any corner of the house from anywhere on the terrace, kitchen, or living room of the house. It guarantees that the home will always be safe in your hands through a video door phone. Maybe you can see the person at the wrong address who came to your doorstep with the help of CCTV connected phone and you can tell him to move out. It facilitates you to communicate with the visitor by seeing them through phones without talking to them from the sidelines. It can be transferred to a wireless connection and converted to automated systems and can feed live video and audio on laptops, PC, or phones. You can record all this if you want and keep it for further needs. To capture and store data are also possible like that. Another benefit is that it can be installed without reconstructing the house. So you can easily say goodbye to the worry that it will cost a lot of money. Then we can save the time that everyone is calculating in their hands during the race. Video door telephone is an aesthetics that gifts modern structure to the entrance of your house.

Can save the house, save money and time, and thus can’t disappoint guests, all in a single way of video door telephone!

If the video door telephone seems to be a perfect watchdog for your home and you decide you want the aforementioned benefits, feel free to contact the Hassoun Groups that serve as its dealers by tapping the link below. 


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