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14 Jul 2022

Let’s make our home secure

Home security is always a topic. An awful lot has been modified with the advance in technology. The world has come a long way from the traditional way of protecting the house with a key and lock. In the absence of residents, the security of the house was the responsibility of security and dogs until some time ago. Although all these are present on a very small scale, the development of IT is replacing them in a good way nowadays. With the advent of smart-phones, inhabitants can protect their homes from anywhere without the assistance of others. The world has embarked on huge changes, starting with CCTV cameras. CCTV is a familiar face to everyone. Apart from that, see what systems are available for home security in the magic of modernity.

Video doorbell: Video doorbells can record who is coming to your doorsteps. You can connect with them from anywhere through your smart-phones. It has a doorbell camera that helps to drive away solicitors, receive guests, communicate with the mailman, and catch thieves.

Smart locks: it is not a keyless door lock. Actually, it all accepts keys. You can unlock the door with smart locks like numeric keypads by dialing an access code. All smart locks can be conveniently regulated via an Apple or Android smart-phone. You can also communicate wirelessly using your smart-phone through Wifi or Bluetooth with your smart home system.

Panic Pendants: Panic Pendants suggest an easy way to use them for emergency services. This is a great option to help the disabled or the elderly in an emergency. It is a small device. It is a portable and battery-operated device. A button is attached to the pendant. When the user needs help, they just need to push that button. Monitoring professionals such as fire, emergency medical, and law departments can recognize the person who needs their help. An LED will flash on the pendant when the message reaches the professionals to reassure those who seek help via this device that their request has reached the proper place successfully.

Sensors: There are many different types of sensors like door/window sensors, glass break sensors, motion sensors, etc. It mainly contains “switches” to trigger when an emergency occurs. Once the sensor is triggered, it will warn your system to sound an alarm. It can send a text message and alert the authorities. Sensors can also trigger cameras to start recording in certain situations.

Flood sensors: Flood sensors perform the task of alerting you to save from pooling water and leaks. A flood sensor is essential to back you up in water issues. Along with that, plumbing and appliance-related problems can be detected, resolved, and avoided through this. So you can prevent huge disasters.

Freeze sensors: it notifies you of a serious drop in temperature. Freeze sensors perform well to block you from major plumbing issues.

Fire and smoke alarm: Fire and smoke alarms can alert you to save your home from smoke, excessive heat, and fire, thereby diverting many lives from danger.

Carbon monoxide detector: It can detect the presence of carbon monoxide around your home and it will also help you stay alert. Whether you are inside the house or far away from the house, these detectors send an alert to protect you and the house and thereby save many lives.

If you believe that such devices can guard homes and lives apart from traditional methods then come forward to buy them. Contact Hassoun Groups working as dealers in Bahrain, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and China, for many of such security systems and ensure the safety of your home and life.


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