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28 Jan 2022

Reach Grandstream to forget about security tensions & enjoy your good moments

Are you worried about home security or other business communication functions? In such tensions, everyone can approach with confidence the Grandstream that offers the products through their different features. Begun in 2002, Grandstream has created its developments with artificial intelligence and has made its mark in most Middle East countries with its many facilities such as video communications equipment, video surveillance, IP surveillance, etc. It is the manufacturing unit that brings the products with the needs of the market in mind and also ensures the best quality for customers. Carefully handles each device, performs internal and beta testing several times, and checks the quality, maintaining customer trust in high-quality raw materials and delivering the final products of supreme quality. Grandstream’s reliability is evident as it has customers in over 150 countries around the world including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, etc. Grandstream makes it even brighter by providing better support, technical training, sales training, and more to its partners so as not to tarnish their trust. Grandstream is a company that customers can approach with complete confidence and also can rely upon in its entire aspect. They bring products to market after a lot of research and in-depth thinking for innovative and modern needs. They value the needs of the needy, understand what they want from their intentions and try to make their needs a reality. They always create the needs of the consumers in innovative ways that are useful to them. Grandstream makes many security systems available such as business conferencing, IP voice telephony, IP video telephony, Gateway and ATAs, IP PBXs, networking solutions, IP access control, IP intercoms, personal collaboration devices, etc., by maintaining quality without compromising the trust of its buyers.

Their leading characteristics are the availability of SIP-based products in the industry with unrivaled features, low communication costs, high-security protection, and enhanced productivity. Introducing products that protect the home, documents, health, and all other items using devices like cameras, biometric influences, and technologically health-related measures by facilitating the merits of Artificial Intelligence to help ensure security. They provide a lot of services including infectious disease detection, which is useful for diagnosing and adopting preventive measures before infectious diseases spread rapidly, many home security systems, such as; video door phone bell, IP intercom, biometric door lock + password, and products like crime prevention cameras, etc. to make safe all around us. All this serves in a good manner as it utilizes everything in a way that no one else can interfere in a modern way so it’s very helpful in the daily hectic life of humans.

Hassoun Group is a crew that acts as an all in all dealer for many services for many countries such as Grandstream suppliers in UAE, Grandstream Distributor in UAE, Best CCTV Camera Dealers in Saudi Arabia, Video intercom Distributor in Bahrain etc. So Hassoun Group is a team that you can contact for a service that fully protects your surroundings, accessories, home, etc.

To get their products available to you, and to communicate with the Hassoun Group, which works as their dealer in most countries, please check out the link below to get the security goods for you right away.


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