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04 Sep 2021

Relevance of body temperature screening smart camera in this Covid time

Covid19 is a pandemic, that has been ravaging and paralyzing our world since December 2019. It is still a threat to human life, which is at stake. One thing we all know is that this disease follows human primarily through temperature variation. Equipment such as serological testing devices are available at rates for use in Covid19 detection. In this technological and smart world, let us get acquainted with the body temperature screening smart camera, which is a device that helps us mainly in this Covid19 time.

It is an intelligent camera device that combines thermal imaging technology and network processing system. The device is mainly used for measuring high temperature, screening, recording and live video surveillance. It is a combination of pre-warning monitoring and body temperature screening that can prevent the spread of the disease. Built as a warning system, it can detect on-site body temperature abnormality. This device which is built in network transmission module, is capable of remote monitoring and remote transmission of temperature measurement results. It also pushes abnormal body temperature information. It can be set up for temporary control on the site with the support frame.

If this device detects that someone is entering the monitoring area, it will emit a warning alert sound, it will say the suggestion, “Please go to the temperature measuring point and measure the temperature.” When the body enters a distance of 1 meter from the camera and 30 degrees of the camera, it measures and determines the temperature within 0.5 seconds. As per the temperature data, when the body temperature exceeds 37.3 degree, the device triggers a built-in alarm siren and emits a voice reminding temperature abnormality. Then it syncs to the terminal and pushes. When each temperature measurement process is completed below the 0.5 second sensor multipoint, this tool displays live terminal sync, it also syncs temperature measurement video, temperature data and superposition chat. Temperature data is calculated in real time and synchronized with daily statistics.

It can be detected through mobile phone, PAD terminal, computer Windows software and digital screen TV via wireless and wired network. In terms of data output, temperature measurement data output and video presentation, wirelessly its output comes via Wi-Fi, AP hotspot or RJ network cable. The temperature data is also synchronized and displayed on the OLED screen in front of the device, the temperature screening results will be synchronized to the device and it will then broadcast in voice form. Finally all temperature data and video records will be stored on the device's memory card. Its main attraction is that it works for about eight hours because it is made of rechargeable battery. Its most important feature is that it automatically instructs you to cooperate with the temperature measurement, identifies the human type, and performs automatic temperature screening. All these records are stored on the memory card itself.

In the current era of Covid19 such a device is a very necessary one. Although it doesn't prevent the spread of the disease, it can be controlled to some extent with the help of this structure.


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