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25 May 2022

Relieve anxiety about protecting kids through AI

The protection of women and children is often the topic of discussion. The truth is that despite finding many solutions, perfection does not occur. Let’s seek the help of AI in such a stage. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a computer program that is designed to fulfill a specific function according to the user’s desires. It also helps to ensure the security of the house, vehicles, documents, women, and children.

Let’s see how AI can be an aid to kids.

The protection of children is as important as the security of the home and the safety of women. Today, most homes have working parents. The biggest concern of such parents is the protection of their children. There is a group that takes their children to kids’ care. But there will be those who couldn’t do it. Today, AI is at the forefront of relieving the tension of such parents. AI suggests ways to implement kids’ security inside the home.

A good quality HD camera is one of them. Some security systems have a camera that can detect the threat. It can provide at least the footage of every possible attempt to trespass on a home. It has proven that even having only a security camera can deter people from trying to break into a home. These cameras are very useful for parents who are away from home to observe kids or pets alone at home. There are even some smart features to close the camera when you move through the front door, ensuring that it doesn’t intrude into your privacy.

There are audio sensors and recordings to assist in emergencies. Facial recognition can also be used to monitor children returning home from school.

AI sensors are also available that trigger an alarm to rescue children who are left alone in the car.

As mentioned above, there are many security systems at your fingertips today that work with AI technology to keep women and children safe. If you find this useful, contact Hassoun Group, the dealer, to bring it to your door via the link below.


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