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18 Oct 2021

Safety of home and kids in our hands whenever and wherever

Aren’t parents in homes with playful children always anxious about their kids’ safety? Hand-wrapping systems are available in the piazzas for the babes who taking anything they can get their hands on and inserting it into their mouths or ears. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to manage things of home without being dismayed at concerns when going somewhere? Although video calls and CC TV cameras are widespread today, a much better tool is accessible in this age. IMOU Ranger 2-360° Coverage with AI Human Detection and Privacy Mode is an instrument that is equally convenient not only in homes with toddlers’ presence but useful in everywhere. Let here tell you more about its features that can be operated and attached on smart phones that always available in our hands.
Peculiarly those who depend on work from home today can ensure the safety of their companions while doing their job. Simultaneous multitasking like this may have changed the confidence level of many and made them excel in their field of work. It also helps to reduce the nervousness of carrying things around the house and work together to some extent.
It facilitates Human Detection with AI development and balances 360° Coverage at 1080P (P- Progressive Scan) pixels displayed horizontally or vertically. The camera can be rotated to different parts of the house and can be observed everywhere without any defects. Its fashioning permits us to get rid of prowlers who enter our homes without our notice. It is manufactured in full HD quality and will sound a siren to warn the house owners if any intruder is caught on camera. It has a security camera that can perform smart tracking is an exemplary aspect of this. It emits an abnormal sound alarm to help us understand sounds that may seem abnormal, whether they are of children or someone else. It works in privacy mode to give us solitude. It also recommends the H.265 video compression technique, which is the latest in the video compression standards of high efficiency video coding, surpassing its predecessor, the H.264. It diminishes bandwidth and spends only 50% storage with the same video quality. It can be useful as a phone for anyone looking at every corner of their area with this one resource, helping them to talk to the person in the other side and giving them instructions and can receive their response back. For example, with the help of this gadget, you can find out the situation of a child who is in dilemma and does not know what to do, without telling the child to his or her parents and immediately they can go there and make them comfort. IMOU Cloud and diversified storage can be considered as another different attribute of this. Its biggest trait is the Ranger 2, which allows you to record everything without any occasional obstructions. Distractions sometimes occur at night glimpses in some apparatus. This will help you to wipe out that error. Night views can also be seen very clearly in this. Suspicious situations can also be closely monitored night without even minor flaws like normal cameras. With the ability of IR Algorithm, whether it is day or night, all the segments come to our eyes with great clarity, and those images appear true as well. Not only does it not give any wrong alerts but it also notifies you of alert instructions in case of emergency. It can also work with Google Assistant and ALEXA. We can switch on privacy mode with just a single tap of our fingertips. That’s how is just tapping on the camera lens is enough to safeguard our privacy when we are at home. It can be used to monitor things at home wherever we are.
It works on corded electric power source and is wireless so it can be installed in any part of the house. With such a characteristic feature, all its update notifications come lively on our smart phones we always carries on hands. Wherever you go, without being distressed by the conditions at home, IMOU Ranger 2-360° Coverage with AI Human Detection and Privacy Mode comes forward for the assistance and to find relief.


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