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21 Mar 2022

Smart technologies for various access control on your doorstep

In the absence of members at home or in the office, the security of valuables is a concern for everyone. In the age of ever-evolving development, there are many smart solutions. Such methods can save a security guard’s monthly salary. For those who want to move away from traditional locks, means are available today with the help of artificial technology. As you read on, you will know some of the different concepts that stand out in it. This will make you realize that the security of anything is safe in your hands.

·         Biometric Access Control

Security, convenience, and low cost are the main reasons why this amenity is so popular. It is a safety measure that can be applied to most of the institutions on which a person depends on daily life, such as airport security, home security, banking, law enforcement, mobile access, authentication, etc. This will enable everything that is impossible for other access controls. The main feature here is the biological factors of each. With biometric modalities such as palm vein, fingerprint, iris scan, and face recognition, each user will be able to identify their body as part of access control. This paves the way for you to protect yourself from the objects and data without the help of anyone. It is therefore not permissible to anyone other than the intended user. Duplicates such as keycards cannot be accessed here because the live test is allowed. There is no need to worry about being forgotten.

·         Digital Door Locks

Encryption similar to online banking can be found here as well. When a burglar uses common methods, he or she can trespass through windows or other entrances, but it’s not applicable here. There is an implementation that can use traditional locks in such a situation when the battery of mobile phones or digital locks is poor. The promise of a step change from conventional methods with mechanical keys to electronic access control is that everything is made easier and cheaper. Only authorized people have the right to access and open it. Another merit of electronic locks is that they can be programmed with different access codes. Through this, you can also regulate which individuals can access your home or office on which days. The biggest feature of digital door locks is that the numbers can be set as a lock that is inaccessible to anyone but accessible only to authorized users. It can be used in hospitals, schools, offices, and other such places.

·         Smart Cards

The use of such a device in highly restricted places is an asset. Its ultimate aim is security purposes. It is a product that is gaining popularity in the market with its characteristics like waterproof, scratch-resistant, and fine finish. A smart card contains a computer chip program that includes the user’s personal information. The access point or points are also allowed so that the individual can enter. Smart cards can be integrated with different technologies such as proprietary proximity, magnetic-stripe, and biometric systems. It can be used with different technology readers in different locations. Better flexibility is another attraction of this. It also functions to protect corporate information networks. Logical access control is better than a password.

If you hope that these devices will bring positive changes in your personal and professional life, you can feel free to contact Hassoun Group, which acts as its distributor. You can also associate with dealers by a soft touch at the link below.


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