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30 Apr 2022

The security shield of AI technology in homes and offices alike

Today we live in a society with a lot of security threats. As the world expands with facilities, a group on the other hand is wreaking havoc. The growth of technology has found solutions to those problems through AI. Most of us spend time at home or in the workplace. Let’s see how AI ensures security in these two places.

The following is an introduction to some of these systems.

AI security at homes

The first in that line is the AI Video Doorbell. The facility of facial recognition is available at any time to identify the people we know when they come home, even if it is a pet. Property managers can mark it as a ‘whitelist’ from the beginning itself. Once the doorbell is rung, the homeowner’s mobile will receive corresponding responses based on the records previously saved in the ‘whitelist’.

Installing CCTVs in most places is a common sight today. It can also be used to connect property owners’ mobile phones 24/7. It allows monitoring their home remotely with just a fingertip. It is an ideal appliance to keep children at a safe distance. Another positive side of this is that it can be enabled via Wi-Fi connectivity. By downloading the app on a smartphone and controlling it, it is possible to detect the threats through alarms and can prevent them to some extent.

AI also found ways to protect the home using voice features and electronic locks. AI provides a lot of other equipment besides these mentioned home security systems. Examples include smart thermostats, smoke detectors, thermal detection cameras, biometric locks, digital locks, etc.

AI security at workplaces

AI-based video analytics software helps to ensure the safety of buildings and business establishments by utilizing the applications of chip architectures and facial recognition technology. Video surveillance is an active presence today in personnel affairs because it provides excellent security.

This allows officers to monitor labor, their protection, and machines accurately. The superiors can control everything while sitting in their office room. They can identify threats affecting security issues through multiple video screens. It is also very useful in preventing an intruder or explosion in advance. Cameras, sensors, and robotics are some of the capabilities that work in the AI method on such issues.

AI biometric systems and some other similar systems can be used to maintain workplace security, protect the business environment, and make work more effective and precise. IoT facility monitors, cameras, badge readers, and other similar devices benefit from better decision-making in commercial fields. AI paves the way for identifying inaccuracies in data. The software helps to resist unparalleled threats. With the development of AI, it is possible to process large quantities of data quickly.

As organizations began to respond to new health and care challenges, AI-powered automation became active there as well. AI can make workplace security easier and more productive. The level of trusted services is increasing in offices. It allows you to lighten risks and thereby support your teams.

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