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04 Sep 2021

To the ranks of Artificial Intelligence surveillance

Many countries have deployed better artificial intelligence services to monitor, track and surveil citizens. Because of the wide-spreading nature of self-learning rising in the space, intelligent software model is taking over surveillance. In traditional thought, surveillance follows one's movements. Governments around the world spend a lot of money on AI infrastructure. There are millions of cameras but no one can monitor it 24/7. Even so, to process every nook and corner, and save billions of lives in real time The AI system can also save billions of lives by performing live analytics. Let's look at how AI surveillance has improved a lot in Middle East countries.

Many operations that are of a secret nature to the country can also be made transparent with the development of AI. Some states are adopting modern AI services, to mapping and tracking people to flower various policy objectives. Some of them may be secretive, some may be legal, and some may be espionage.

Let's discuss some of the serious issues in the surveillance space. What seems to be satanic in this were people tracking, area monitoring, parking occupancy, vehicle analytics and traffic monitoring. In the case of the Covid19 issue, AI services have been utilized in many countries to keep social distancing to ensure the safety of the public in public places. The pervasive nature of AI leads to previously unheard conflicts.

For example, in the case of people tracking, video processing is done to identify and analyze the risks posed by a security threat to an enterprise in real time. To find problems that a person can ignore, to justify and detect irregular operation of monitoring software, video analytics technology is effective.

The retail sector is another area where the developments of AI are effective. Large organizations such as Fujitsu, Walmart, etc. set up their own independent observatories and facilitate behavioral analytics in their retail stores. For instance, to realize a shooter capable of software, to help mitigate threats to teachers, candidates, buildings, etc. emergency responders can also send live alerts.

Amazon has taken the AI to the next level, in order to further expand the end-to-end customer shopping experience. They installed fusion sensors and cameras to see what you took. Once you have collected everything, your purchase will be smooth and uninterrupted with the convenience of AI. Also, AI's skill in the parking category can be seen as crystal clear. After all, we know, around the globe, that there are a lot of vehicle parking security systems. But the intervention of AI, it got better. That too has reached the stage where it can be done automatically. There, using AI surveillance data, one can find out if the vehicle has entered the parking lot after paying the charge. Also it can easily find out how many vehicles were parked earlier and how long it was in the parking lot.

Middle East countries like U.S. and China install millions of cameras and lead the AI based surveillance market. According to AIGS (Artificial Intelligence Global Surveillance) statistics, at least 75 out of 176 countries are actively using AI based surveillance technologies globally. Of these, China is the mainstream, supplying AI-based surveillance technologies to at least 60 countries. Autocratic or semi autocratic countries such as Saudi Arabia, Russia, China use it for mass surveillance purposes. But at the same time, some liberal countries have withdrawn AI scheme as part of protection of privacy. The military expenditure of a country is inextricably linked to the AI surveillance use of the government.


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