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13 Jul 2022

Variety of CCTVs to maintain security

For a long time, mankind was walking on the thorn of worry. When we lock the house and go somewhere, we don’t get any peace of mind until we come back. But with the advent of CCTV, the house, things, and documents can be controlled from anywhere tension free. Today, when everyone hears about home security, the first thing that comes to mind is its picture.

This is of great benefit to parents. Also, CCTV helps to keep track of things like who comes to the door of the house at night or what happens in the house in the absence of the house owner.

We have many types of CCTVs accessible these days. Check out the different types below to get an idea of what type of CCTV you need.

Dome Camera: It can be said this is the basic model of security cameras. It is one of the profitable ones in the bunch. It can be installed indoors and outdoors. It got its name because of its dome shape. This camera works for daytime purposes only. Although it is subtle in appearance, it performs well in detecting criminals. The dome camera rotates 360-degree so all angles can be taken care of. It is mostly used by establishments like casinos, shops, hotels, etc.

Bullet Type Cameras: These types of cameras are designed in a highly visible manner. It is made in a cylindrical shape and is thin. Its structure enables it to observe distant views. It comes in handy mostly outdoors. It is resistant to dust, dirt, and water. It is useful to notice visuals in a particular area or a particular space. It acts as a barrier to criminals. Good quality pictures are recorded, moreover, your entire area is under surveillance, and messages are sent to passers-by. Bullet type cameras do not cost much. It plays an important role in many sectors including farming, asset management, and construction. Ultra Bullet is one of its variations.

C-mount Camera: C-mount is a sort that is more developed than the others. It has a detachable lens. Customers can change it in keeping with their needs. Usual cameras cover distances of 35-40 feet. This camera covers up to 40 feet as it is equipped with special lenses. It is ideal for outdoor use in homes that are weatherproofed. Due to its rugged camera covering, the camera is even safe in cold environments.

Day/Night CCTV Cameras: Whether it is dark or dim, this set of cameras will be active. It can record lucid video images. Due to additional sensitive imaging chips, light conditions are not a hindrance. Here the recorded images are available in both colors, black & white. It is mostly used outdoors but additional sensitive imaging makes it work day and night. In business premises, this is a better option for functions like CCTV monitoring.

Infrared/Night Vision CCTV Cameras: These are cameras that work optimally in pitch black conditions. As the name suggests, Infrared LEDs are used to see in the dark. It records white images at night and color images in the daytime. It works well when there is dust, smoke, and fog. Such cameras are a suitable choice in manufacturing plants, farms, and banks.

Varifocal cameras: Varifocal cameras can zoom in and out without losing the focus of the image. As it has the feature to highlight the characters as required by the script, it can be used in reality shows.

Wireless cameras: It takes only a little time to install. It can be placed mainly in locations like museums, stately homes, and churches. Images can be transmitted through the internet and can be viewed anywhere. It offers safe storage.

Many other cameras like Network/IP CCTV Cameras, PTZ Pan Tilt/Zoom Cameras, etc are also available now. Hassoun Groups is working as dealers in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, India, China, and Bahrain to deliver CCTVs to you as per your needs. If you find this useful, feel free to contact Hassoun Groups through the link below.


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