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09 Jun 2022

Video Intercom Systems and IP Telephones with excellent performance

An intercom system is a very useful facility for those living in apartment buildings that are rising day by day. This allows residents to communicate with their visitors about whether to allow or refuse entry to the building. A good intercom system can also ensure security. It also allows a property manager to monitor the inhabitants and building activity. Property managers and residents no longer have to worry about better facilities to communicate with their visitors and to manage their property. The video intercom system is a convenient technology for that.

If it is a normal buffer intercom system, residents will be able to recognize who came to their home through the visitor’s voice. If there is a video intercom system in its place, it provides an opportunity to visually verify the visitor before granting access to the person. This will make the house more secure and helps the occupants to ensure that the new people are the expected visitors to the building. Another feature is that it is easy to upgrade video intercoms. Most units of multi-residential have an intercom system at the front entrance of the building with separate intercoms connected to each apartment. A good video intercom system outplays it. All the wires already installed can be used to fix this version, which saves the installation charge. An inexpensive, convenient video intercom system brings incredible value to your property. It also has the excellence that it can be operated through mobile apps without having to connect the in-unit intercoms of every apartment. It is also a great way to facilitate package delivery solutions. Another positive aspect is that it can be managed remotely.

IP telephony is a term commonly used to describe the technology used to perform services such as instant messaging (IM), video conferencing, video calls, voice-mail, voice calling, and faxing using the Internet Protocol (IP). IP telephony works by converting faxes, voice calls, and other valuable information into digital signals. Voice services that work within IP technology include features like voice calls and voicemail, which denotes voice over IP (VoIP). IP telephony was brought in 1991 along with the first invention of Speak Freely and VoIP.

IP telephony is also very useful in the business sector. Prior to the advent of IP telephony, businesses needed to spread out and keep separate networks for the internet and phones. Here there is no need to maintain multiple networks. Using IP telephony is cheaper than using wired phone services. Long-distance and international communications are possible in this way at a low cost. The IP telephony can be installed without changing the existing infrastructure. It plays a vital role in improving communication in business applications. If you look at an example, you can send faxes and receive replies via email. There is no requirement for a particular space to access IP phones. In addition to a physical office, it can be accessed from mobile devices and portable computers.

IP telephone is a better choice except that it has some minor challenges.

  • Its operation requires good quality network support. Variations in internet connection can lead to server latency.
  • IP telephony systems connected to office power supplies may not be active during a power break.

If you think these systems are of benefit to you and you want them, connect with Hassoun Group, its distributor.


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