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  • We Hassoun Have permission from Ministry Of Interior for selling and installing of security systems,
  • If the customer ordered products which are out of stock and must be ordered from the factory, customer has to pay the 100% value of the products in advance or whatever agreed with him. The payment shall be non-refundable in case cancel the order. In case of cancelling the order because of delays in the delivery for 30 days beyond the agreed period, the customer has the right to recover the whole amount paid.


Refunding or exchanging includes all of our products except electronic devices, computers and programmable software devices within the following conditions:

  • Exchanging or refunding the whole amount paid within 7 days from purchase date.
  • Device should be in its original condition: in the original box, original wrapping, with all accessories, and not opened or installed.
  • Bringing the original invoice.
  • If it is more than 7 days 30% of invoice amount will be deducted depend market price


  • All electronic devices are warranted for two years except accessories. *
  • Warranty means repairing the device not exchanging the device.
  • The original of purchase invoice should be submitted.
  • Repairs will take 15 days maximum for damages covered by warranty. **
  • Hassoun reserves all the rights to reject your claim for repair based on technical report made our service engineers
  • We guarantee that the repaired device comply with the original warranty period. In case of poor manufacturing, we have the right to replace one of the internal components of the device like the main board under the conditions of exchanging as mentioned in the warranty policy.
  • After 15 days, at our discretion whichever is applicable, customer can get a temporary device or 1/400 of the value of the device in case of a delay in providing spare parts, maintenance process, or in the event of a defect in the product’s manufacturer.
  • In case we could not fix the device within the warranty period, the customer can get another device after paying the fair use value *** or refund his money after deducting the fair use value *** as per cases mentioned in the “quality manufacturing, providing spare parts and maintenance” law issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  • Warranty covers fixing and replacing spare parts for free in case of poor manufacturing, not replacing the product or refunding money. The following cases will void the warranty:
  • Product misuse or failure to comply with the instructions in the attached product manual when installing the device.
  • Cracks, wrecks or exposing the device to external factors like liquids, moisture, high temperature, accidents, vandals, earthquakes, electric current instability, rain water leak, strike shock, lightning , fires, floods or the same acts.
  • Attempts of installation, repair or maintenance done by non-certified individuals or agencies, or using spare parts non-certified by the International Organization for Standardization.
  • If the serial number of the device has been damaged intentionally or unintentionally.
  • Damages caused by poor transportation or shipping to the customer.
  • Damages resulting from electric current instability (visible burn in the mainboard) or from using electric generator with unstable current.
  • Lack of insulation for cameras while installing on a conductive surface..
  • ** Applied on damages which match warranty conditions and manufacturing quality, other damages out of warranty may take longer period for repair.
  • *** Fair use value is calculated at 5% of the value at the time of purchase of the product for every month, starting from the date of purchase with maximum limit of 80% of the purchased price.

About Hassoun Group

Hassoun Group is a premium telecommunications and Security company specializing as a distributor, system integrator and marketing representative for the Middle East. Founded in 2005 in Jedda - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, A leading Company in Global Industry for full range of CCTV Solution, Telephone system, Time Attendance & Access control system and Smart Home Solution. Hassoun has expanded to serve the entire GCC region, India and China. The company now employs over 100 personnel across our offices and workshops, and is continuing to experience rapid growth. Hassoun help our broad base of customers, ranging from departments of the various governments to international businesses and private clients to address complex technology issues. Through our operation industry has divided as follows-


Hassoun specialize in developing, manufacturing and marketing our own series of security products from Hassoun Manufactures (India) Pvt. Ltd. with the brand name HIVISION. Currently we are manufacturing all kind CCTV system with a wide range of products.

Further our R&D team is looking for new products with latest technology, fashion & design to meet the changing market requirements in our own factory and with support of world leading securities manufactures such as Dahua Technology, Commax, Fermax, Panasonic, NEC and Hikvison etc.

We are currently Authorized distributors and for Dahua, Commax, Fermax, NEC, Panasonic, Zkteco, and Grand stream etc. We attach great attention to product quality, conduct strict QC procedures, Customer support, warranty and RMA. We believe that our excellent products could bring lots of profits to our Dealers, Channel network and Integrators

In Electronic Security, Hassoun concentrates on providing state-of-the-art services for Design, Installation, Commissioning and Life Cycle Management of the following systems:

  • Security Surveillance Products
  • Telecommunication Products (PABX, Telephone)
  • Time & Attendance, Door Lock and Access control
  • Intercom system and smart home solution

The above systems and services are tailor-made to individual needs and can accommodate the most simple to the most sophisticated requirements. This can range from defense to residential, commercial or banks to government organizations. Hassoun has carried a number of prestigious projects. Additionally, we also have a prestigious client list that includes Government, Police, Military, Commercial and industrial clients



The factory located in south India with the size of 10000 Sq.Feet, currently 50 Employees work in the factory with various technical and marketing section. The company has made set up to export own products to all GCC countries under the brand name of HIVISION.


We are supplying materials through our own outlets and channel partners all over the Middle East. Following are the Hassoun branch details

HASSOUN GULF SECURITY SURVEILLANCE EST - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 7 exclusive showrooms, Channel Distribution Offices, Central Warehouses and RMA divisions located in JEDDHA, RIYADH, ALKHOBAR, MAKHA, and MADEENA.

HASSOUNG GULF ELECTRONICS EST - Kingdom of Bahrain 2 Exclusive outlet, Channel Distribution Office, Central Warehouse and RMA division located in various places in Kingdom of Bahrain

HASSOUN COMMUNICATION L.L.C - UAE 5 Exclusive outlets, Channel Distribution Office, Central Warehouse and RMA division located in Deira-Dubai, Bur dubai, Ajman, Ras al khaima and Abudhabi.


Hassoun Group offers their client the choice between supervising installation or providing the actual installation on site. We employ a professional installation team available to tackle the most demanding and technically challenging job in CCTV, PABX and other all Security surveillance system. We have experience and qualified technical team lead by technological graduate people. Currently we have a capacity to fulfill the major project related to the same industry and they focusing on it.

Hassoun offers after sales service so flexible ranging from Operation Contracts, Periodic Preventive Maintenance Contracts and/or on demand visits.

Currently we are the certified contractor for University of Tabuk in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for their entire IT related things including security surveillance. We have a specialized 20 number of work force only to monitor this single project with fully dedicated to deliver quality service